Stepping up Sustainability


Boating and fishing are run sustainably by:

  • Only fishing non-red listed species and in accordance with applicable fishing rules and regulations
  • Side catch is immediately and gently brought back to the habitat
  • Fishing is ended once the catch is fulfilling the need and ability to consume
  • Disposable waste is sorted at source or left at a waste station
  • The environmental work of the ship complies with required annual governmental controls (EKAN) EKAN egenkontroll
  • Trips are scheduled to minimize fuel consumptions


The business is local to minimize the need for transports.

Small-scale wood processing where the timber is sold locally based on purpose of use and actual volume needs.

The tree is used to the fullest extent where timber turns into plank, spill-over during manufacturing becomes firewood, branches become wood chips used by heating plants.

Remaining sawdust becomes bedding for horses on the island.