The West Coast

The west coast is beautiful and unique at any time of year.

In summer you’ll have wonderful opportunities to enjoy the sun and go for a swim around the cliffs and coves. The winds are warm from early morning to late in the afternoon with long daylight hours and often calm evenings. Out on the water you will see graceful sailboats, fast motorboats and surface-hugging canoes. Try your hand at fishing around the many gems of the archipelago, and you may catch some mackerel, saithe, cod or even the badass of the west coast – the Trachinus draco - the most dangerous fish in Swedish waters.

The fall often sees rich variety in the weather. It’s still an opportune time to enjoy the water and if you’re lucky, you may find yourself swimming in bioluminescence at night. The fluorescent water is a magical experience. Silence is restored once the summer holidays are over, and for those who enjoy fishing, this is the sea at its best. When darkness falls, experience a completely different world by taking a night tour in Albertina’s comfortable heated cabin as the beautiful lighthouses guide us along the coast.    

During winter the ocean lies calm, quiet and barren. The rocks are at their most colorful, and the ocean is as reflective as a mirror on cold winter days. The seals are no longer afraid to stay up on the rocks or among the waves and sometimes we are lucky enough to see a majestic eagle as it visits the cliffs and coves. Rough weather can occur this time of year, which is a exciting experience for those who enjoy a thrill.

Spring provides an opportunity to experience the beautiful light and the calm, quiet ocean as life once more returns to nature. Enjoy the wildflowers and the peaceful stillness before the intensity of the high season of summer sets in once more.